Notes on Electronic Transactions

◎Investors must understand that situations of  force majeure such as network congestion, network disconnection, power outages, and computer crashes may apply to electronic transactions. Please be cautious when conducting electronic transactions.

◎Investors should immediately contact the salesperson or customer service staff to inquire when encountering any problems or abnormal situations during the operation in order to protect their own rights and interests.

Notice on Electronic Trading

◎During the period of electronic trading, the price fluctuations in the electronic trading system are the reference values and the actual price fluctuations are subject to the data announced by the Exchange on the morning of the trading day.

◎Investors should log in to the company's electronic trading system again to check the processing status of all pre-arranged orders before the opening of the Exchange on the morning of each trading day.

◎Online orders sometimes may encounter force majeure situations, please actively check the status of orders for all transactions. Should there be any abnormal situation, please immediately check with your sales representative, or contact the KGI customer service hotline. 02-2389-0088 or 0800-085-005.

◎Taiwan Futures Exchange does not accept reservation orders for the option "Conditions of FOK Limit Price, Market Order" and "Multiple Position" before the opening of the market at 08:45.

◎In order to avoid extreme market volatility at the opening of the market, which may cause investment risks, the company’s electronic trading system will not accept an option market order before the market opens (8:45). If you want to place an order, please directly place a trading commission at the lower limit price, your rights and interests will not be affected.