KGI Insurance Brokers
KGI Insurance Brokers service teams provide clients with tailor-made, and complete insurance coverage that are in their best interests
Experts in personal and property insurance
We are experts in planning and designing the best personal and property insurance solutions for individuals and enterprises
Emerging and Innovative Insurance Services
In response to the emerging risks arising from industry development, such as solar energy and information security, we provide comprehensive insurance solutions for clients' various insurance coverage needs for vehicles, travel, personal injuries and more
Our Service
In addition to personal and corporate insurance planning, we offer online insurance services, where customers can choose a plan or combination that best meets their needs. We are committed to risk analysis and insurance evaluation to provide the most suitable insurance solutions
Solution Provider

Based on clients' preferences and needs, we plan various insurance plans, including life insurance, annuities, savings insurance and investment and health insurance

Comprehensive Corporate Insurance Service

Based on corporates' preferences and needs, we plan various insurance plans that cover fire, transportation, liabilities, solar energy, export product liabilities and more