KGI Securities (Thailand)
We provide a variety of products and professional investment services for you to create wealth.
Our Vision
The Company is committed to being a leader in the securities business, that can adapt to various changing factors and will be competitive and perform well under all market conditions. We will follow ethical business practices, respect the rights of all stakeholders and focus on business that is beneficial to society whilst respecting the environment and emphasizing sustainability.
Our Sustainable Goal
The Company aims to operate businesses that are sustainable in all dimensions. Economically the Company aims to generate sustainable returns with reasonable and diversified income streams. In the social dimension, we aim to be a responsible company and support a sustainable society by adhering to the principles of fair treatment of shareholders and stakeholders. In the environmental dimension our goal is to be a company that respects natural resources and environmental conservation.
Our Service
We are committed to providing customers with comprehensive fund and asset allocation services, as well as diverse investment options and professional advice
Securities Broker Business
Fast, accurate and efficient

KGI Securities Thailand offers real-time trading services to domestic and overseas investors with numerous branch locations across Thailand

Thailand Futures Exchange
Innovative and professional

We are recognized as a long-term leader in the Thai futures and derivatives markets

Securities Lending Business
The first authorized agent

KGI Securities Thailand was the first securities company to act as principal and agent for securities lending and borrowing services

Stock Derivative Product
Customer-tailored service

We were the first issuer of derivative warrants in Thailand. We offer a customised service to create derivative products to meet the needs of our clients

Exchange Traded Funds
Popular ETF products and services

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are funds which are listed and traded on a stock exchange. Our ETFs track the performance of the underlying index, they are a low cost, convenient way to invest in a basket of stocks

Fixed Income
Convenient use of fixed-income account

We offer fixed-income securities trading services. Investors can open securities trading and fixed income trading accounts simultaneously. KGI Securities Thailand is the only securities company recognized by the Ministry of Finance and Bank of Thailand as an Outright Primary Dealer

Wealth Management
Extensive experience in offering financial advice

KGI has experienced professionals who offer clients professional financial advice based on their risk preferences to help them achieve their investment goals

Investment banking
High satisfaction with our services

KGI's investment banking division has more than 20 years of experience

Institutional Stock
Professional consulting services for institutions

KGI offers stocks and derivative products for institutional clients. We have a professional investment consulting team that provides services to all domestic and overseas clients