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China Development Financial Holding Company, KGI Bank Co., Ltd., KGI Securities Co., Ltd., KGI Life Insurance Co., Ltd., KGI Futures Co., Ltd., KGI Securities Investment Advisory Co., Ltd., KGI Securities Investment Trust Co. Ltd., KGI Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd., CDIB Capital Group and new domestic subsidiaries that should be disclosed on this website due to organizational changes in the future according to law, (hereinafter referred to as the “Group”) is required to collect, process, utilize and share the information you provide and to provide customers with diversified and more complete financial products or other services. The Group respects your information that you provide us and implement appropriate measures to protect your Data. In accordance with Personal Data Act and the Guidelines for Data Sharing among Financial Institutions and other relevant laws and regulations, the Privacy Policy is formulated as follows. Unless otherwise stipulated by law or otherwise agreed between you and the Group, the contents of this Privacy Policy will be followed:


Purpose of collection, processing, and use of website information

This website will record your Internet access IP address, Internet access time and the pages you browse on the website and other information. These data are required for the management of this website. Such as: total analysis of internal website traffic and network behavior survey, in order to improve the service quality of this website.


Scope of Application


Customer Data Protection Measures

In order to implement the rights and responsibilities for the protection of customer data, the Group implements adequate measures to protect your Data, including but not limited measures as below:


Customer Self-Precautionary Measures

Although the Group implements adequate security measures to protect your Data, your attention and cooperation is also required:

When you provide your Data to the Group, please be reminded that:


Cookies Policy

The Group uses cookies to provide you more personalized services. When you are surfing website of the Group, your preference, habit, or information that you entered will be stored and allow you to navigate web pages more efficiently. Most cookies are only valid for a certain period or only for a single visit. Cookies do not contain personally identifiable information (such as name, phone number, address, or e-mail address, etc.). Instead, it records the setting information of your personal homepage on the website. Once you close the page, the cookies will no longer be effective.

The web server of the Group can only read the activity records on this website in cookies but cannot read your activity records on other websites. You can disable cookies by configuring your browser by setting the privacy status to “high”. However, you may be unable to use some of the relevant functions of the Group's website.


Remedies for Customer Rights Protection

You may exercise the following rights by email or by calling the Group or the customer-data-sharing companies: (Email:; Phone: (02) 2763-8800). However, the Group may not act according to your request because it is necessary for the Group to perform its business according to law or as required by other laws and regulations.

The influence on your rights and interests if you choose not to provide your Data: Please kindly be reminded that you are freely to determine whether to provide your Data or not. If you decline to provide your Data, the Group will not be able to proceed requisite examination, process your Data and reply to your request. Therefore, the Group will not be able to provide our services.


Children's Privacy Policy


Modification of Privacy Policy

The Group will modify the Privacy Policy provided by this website at any time as necessary. When this policy is revised, users will be reminded with a prominent display without individual notice. Please refer to the Privacy Policy on the Group's corporate website at any time to protect your rights.


Disclosure of Customer Data Sharing


Purpose and Scope of Data Sharing

In order to identify risks, strengthen risk control, enhance convenience for customer, promote business cooperation within the customer-data-sharing companies and ensure customer rights and interests, the customer-data-sharing companies needs to share the information you provided.

The shared data includes basic customer information, identity verification information, account information, transaction records of financial products or services, negative information, know-your-customer (KYC) information and financial institution value-added information, electronic communication records (such as IP address), data shared pursuant to customers’ consents, regulations,  and for the management of subsidiaries by the holding company, etc.


The Companies’ Names and the Objects of Customer-Data-Sharing

In accordance with Article 4 of the Sharing Guidelines, the names of customer-data-sharing companies and the purpose of the co-operation objects are disclosed in the table below. If there are new cooperation partners and objects in the future, the announcement will be made further.

Names of Customer-Data-Sharing Companies

Purposes and Objects of the Cooperation

China Development Financial Holding Company, KGI Bank Co., Ltd., KGI Securities Co., Ltd., KGI Life Insurance Co., Ltd., KGI Futures Co.,Ltd., KGI Securities Investment Advisory Co., Ltd., KGI Securities Investment Trust Co. Ltd.,

In order to enhance convenience for customers, strengthen risk management, identify risks, promote cross-industry business cooperation and other purposes permitted by the regulations.