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stock symbol lending rate stock symbol lending rate stock symbol lending rate stock symbol lending rate
00679B 元大美債 20 年 2.5-4.0 2376 技嘉 5.5-7.0 00680L 元大美債 20 正 2 1.0 2338 光罩 1.5
00673R 期元大 S&P 原油反 1 3.5 2618 長榮航 1.5 2408 南亞科 1.0 2104 國際中橡 1.0
9910 豐泰 1.2-2.0 3231 緯創 1.5-2.0 3034 聯詠 1.5-2.0 3450 聯鈞 1.5 5.5
3037 欣興 1.0 2353 宏碁 1.2-2.5 5347 世界 2.5-3.5 00757 統一 FANG+ 1.0
2367 燿華 2.0 2344 華邦電 0.3 2.5 2049 上銀 0.8 4919 新唐 1.5-3.0

Note 1: Source: TWSE. The table above shows the lending rates as historical lending rates. 

Note 2: It does not represent future lending rates. Historical records of transactions are based on the selection of the top 20 targets in last month. Future lending conditions are not guaranteed.

Example of stock lending:

100 shares of technology stock are lent out at a rate of 3.0% for 180 days

Number of shares / lending rate
shares / rate
Number of days / Lending Price
days / NTD
Net income
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