KGI securities offers a wide range of investment opportunities for all your trading needs
Stock Market Investment
Browse our selection of stocks picked by our team of experts to find the perfect stock that matches your investment goals.
Taiwanese Stocks
KGI Securities offers wide array of domestic stocks — including popular and newly listed stocks — to help you capitalize on market trends and achieve your financial goals
Overseas Stocks
Fast and secure way to trade overseas stocks and build an international portfolio
IPO - Become an Early Investor
We monitor the market closely for upcoming initial public offerings and lucky draws to help you increase your chances of share allotment
Margin Trading
Open an account and start margin trading
Derivative Products
Diversify your trading strategy and generate greater potential returns with our derivatives trading offering
As a leader in warrant trading, we provide investors with a variety of warrant products driven by our effective product issuance strategy

Start leveraged options trading with margins to add a whole new dynamic to your investing strategy. You can invest in stock indexes, single-stock futures, exchange rate, interest rate, bonds, and more over already
The KGI e-Strategy App enables you to place orders at any time
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