KGI Asia (Indonesia)
With the rapid development of the local economy, KGI's subsidiary in Indonesia continues to offer innovative products that meet existing and future clients' needs to serve an increasing portion of the population.
Entrusted Assets under Custody
million (USD)
Customer Accounts
Net Adjusted Working Capital
Optimized online trading platform
We continue to invest in new technologies, and enhance the infrastructure of our trading platform in terms of its functions and customer support
Customer-centric service
User experience is our top priority. As we expand our businesses, we continue to take customer satisfaction into account and improve our services
Our Service
With our trusted online trading platform, we pride ourselves on empowering clients to manage their personal assets on their desktops and mobile phones, and in a few easy steps
Stock Brokerage
Diversified Brokerage Services and Trading platform with intuitive interface

Our stable and reliable trading platform provides an interface that is easy to use by our customers, be it buy-and-hold investors or traders. We also offer a wide range of financing products including margin financing, IPO financing and reverse repo

Fixed Income Brokerage
Purchase and Sales of Bonds

We act as intermediary for the purchase and sales of government and corporate bonds among financial institutions

Investment Banking
Bespoke and differentiated advisory services

We assist private companies in their goal to seek initial public offerings and listings on the exchange by acting as lead underwriter, and offer strategic advices on IPO, bank financing, private placement and restructuring

Equity Derivatives
Structured Warrants

Trade Structured Warrants to gain exposure to blue chip shares for a fraction of the share price. As market maker, we aim to provide tight spread and to improve transparency in warrant trading among investors