KGI Securities Investment Trust
We are committed to our clients' investment performance and sustainable development.
Scale of Public Funds
billion (NTD)
Scale Growth
Number of Public Funds
Private Fund Management Assets
place in market
Innovative Service
We continue to expand our sales channels, add various product lines and invest in digital transformation to offer readily-available, customer-centric products
Strategic Plan
In 2018, we initiated a transformation plan to increase product lines and strengthen asset management capabilities — an action we took to pursue customers' best interests
Our Service
We are committed to providing a variety of funding options, assisting customers with their asset allocation, and offering professional investment advice
Public Offering of Fund
Meet public and corporate's needs

We provide bond ETFs to meet public and corporate needs in asset allocation. We collaborate with internationally renowned asset management companies to offer a variety of bonds, such as target maturity bond funds and overseas bond funds that incorporate ESG

Full Authorization
A trusted partner

Investors entrust our professional asset management capabilities to offer various niche products to meet their needs

Private Equity Funds
Customized niche products

We have extensive experience in designing products that meet our clients' specific needs, including corporate convertible bonds and trend funds

Digital Experience
We evolve to improve customer experiences

We continue to invest in technical research and strengthen user experience for a more convenient digital service