Proprietary Trading Services
Proprietary Trading Service


The proprietary trading business of KGI Securities consists of transactions involving marketable securities on the stock market and over-the-counter market for capital gains. Securities traded are from a wide array of sectors, including high-tech, financial, and non-tech sectors.KGI Securities’ proprietary trading team has accumulated a wealth of experience in industry research and equity trading. With a solid knowledge base of market fundamental and technical analysis, our traders stay on top of industry trends. With the support of our research team, the proprietary trading team utilizes division of labor and collaboration to achieve profit targets.

Integration of the Securities and Futures Platforms 

Relaxation of securities trading restrictions domestically and internationally, as well as the internationalization of Taiwan’s futures markets have resulted in an environment favorable to the diversified development of proprietary trading business. KGI Securities has integrated resources in securities and futures departments to build a cross-border and cross-market trading platform, making our strategies work in different countries and across spot and futures markets.

Diversified Investment Strategies

The proprietary trading department’s core competency lies in our traders possessing both research and investment capabilities. Built on the sharing of practical trade experience and risk management among staff, our investment strategies have grown increasingly diversified.

Short-term investment strategies:
KGI Securities takes advantage of short-term investment opportunities brought about by results announcements and investment themes through continuous industry and equity research, frequent company visits both domestically and abroad, and flexible position adjustments to control risk.

Long-term investment strategies:
KGI Securities’ trading strategies are based on fundamental analysis such as mid- to long-term industry growth potential and profitability. We also resort to technical analysis, refer to political and economic changes at home and abroad, and utilize futures and index products as hedging tools, participating in stocks with long-term growth trends. 

Balancing Overseas and Domestic Investment

Our proprietary trading department focuses on Taiwan, China and the US market, and has gradually increased overseas trading. This result effectively reduced the impact of single market fluctuations and diversified regional risks.

Achieving Stable Returns

KGI Securities’ proprietary trading team has integrated spot and futures resources, which can be used to build an equity long-short portfolio. As a result, traders can follow changes in the market, assess the pros and cons of markets or instruments, and construct the most promising investment portfolio to pursue maximum profit under appropriate risks.


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