Retail Brokerage and Wealth Management Services
Retail Brokerage and Wealth Management Services


KGI Securities strives to provide professional retail brokerage and wealth management services. Our strategy is designed to drive growth by increasing transaction volumes and expanding our resources. With our experienced team of experts, your unique needs are fully supported by providing products selected to meet your financial goals. 

Together, our trading strategy and fast transaction platforms  allow you to enjoy access to automated investment services and superior securities lending and borrowing . Furthermore, KGI Securities's team has integrated securities from depositories and trusts so you can enjoy more frequent, larger volume of day trades.  

Enjoy convenient access to a range of transaction options through buying on margin , short selling, and non-purpose loans. Wherever you are on your financial journey, we will be by your side. For new investors, KGI offers presentations at schools, hosts trading competitions, and offers great starting financial products like regular savings plan  and ETFs to help begin your investment journey. 

KGI Securities recruits financial professionals from universities all over the world. After a year of rigorous training, they are ready to join our equity and wealth management teams in providing you with exceptional service. We value our relationship with clients and place client needs at the center of everything we do. By leveraging our professional insights, differentiated products, and digital technology, we help you decide how to best allocate assets and diversify risk. 

We promote financial inclusion by establishing mechanisms that ensure the fair and equitable treatment of every investor. Not only does our Client Relations Department act quickly to resolve any reported issues, we also take steps to identify clients who may need assistance in order to map out an appropriate financial plan.


Client-Centric Wealth Management
For high-net-worth individuals (HNWI), we help create steady returns by carefully selecting low-volatility funds and bonds linked to targets. We also help retail investors take advantage of both domestic and international leveraged and structured products alongside a diverse portfolio of ETFs and products allowing US/Taiwan exposure. Furthermore, our depository facilitates larger volumes of securities borrowing and lending and features a low minimum investment requirement for foreign debt of 10,000 USD so that you can better diversify asset allocation to handle volatility and create steady returns. As a result, our HNWI can enjoy greater financial freedom through returns from both interest income and borrowing and lending securities.


Fast and Easy  Electronic Trading
KGI Securities is dedicated to building a comprehensive digital platform equipped with fair, equitable, high-quality services for our investors that is available at any time.

1. KGI Securities's All-Inclusive Platform: Bank at home on our convenient online platform where you can open accounts for Taiwan stocks, sub-brokerage, and wealth management.

2. KGI Securities's Depository Platform: New or small-scale retail investors can achieve a broad, diversified portfolio of assets through our depository platform. Equipped with dedicated pages for insights on US and Hong Kong stocks, our electronic trading platform allows you to make regular investments with ease and low fees. Check out our recommendations on domestic and foreign markets and begin your investing journey today.

3. KGI Securities's e-Strategy App: Enjoy a financial advisor in your pocket with the KGI e-Strategy App. This exclusive tool fully leverages the power of big data, AI technology, and our unique insights into the Asia-Pacific region to create your ideal investment portfolio and manage risk. With over 160 ways to choose stock allocation and cloud-based transaction monitoring, our app is designed to be inclusive so that all clients can make informed, confident decisions.

4. KGI Securities's  e-WM App: Our unique app provides products and services to help you manage funds and wealth. Quickly check your finances and access the latest insights at any time.

Digital Presence
In 2017, KGI Securities became Taiwan's first securities firm to launch services through the app Line. This personalized, one-stop service allows you to link your securities, futures, and financial accounts in order to access updates on your transactions, trades, commissions, and accounts. Just add our official Line account, text a stock symbol, and you will be taken directly to our mobile page where you can review prices, trends, candlestick charts, and even complete transactions without downloading an additional app. 

More recently, in 2021, KGI Securities launched a YouTube channel aimed at helping investors quickly access financial insights and expert analyses. With episodes covering everything from Taiwan exposure, prospects, financial management strategies, and KGI Securities's online services, we help guide investors through every step of their financial journey. Ultimately, we hope to maintain a close relationship between our clients and experts to help you invest with confidence and achieve financial independence. 

Fixed-Income Services
KGI Securities Fixed Income department is mainly engaged in bond underwriting, providing financial advisory services to issuers and investors in bond primary market while also trading and market making in secondary bond market. We continue to cultivate all-round talents and actively delve into innovation of various financial products.